Hugo Bernardes

We try every day to be at the forefront of best technology to serve you better.

CONSTEEL- Metalomecânica e Serviços Lda


Located in Coimbra, Portugal, CONSTEEL - Metalomecânica e Serviços Lda was founded in 2017 after the experience developed by its founder, Hugo Bernardes, who founded 4 years ago in Spain the parent company of CONSTEEL, and which provides the most varied branches of mechanical engineering throughout Spain.

CONSTEEL - Metalomecânica e Serviços Lda follows the need of the current market in Portuguese in best services of the metal industry, presenting itself as a reliable alternative and unmatched quality.

Dedicated to the supply of industrial assembly services, assembling of metal structures, welding services, industrial maintenance and general mechanic services, CONSTEEL- Metalomecânica e Serviços Lda is always looking for the best performance using the best solutions in the industry, in order to meet the objectives and demands of our customers with the best possible distinction.

We focus our mission and vision in order to be the ideal solution to the needs of our customers, keeping always in mind the continuous improvement, in order to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.